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You want to give to your community, but you also want to create wealth.

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To be able to spend more time with your family? Knowing that you are still making money? How would it feel to be able to align your skills, desires and passions in a profitable way for you and your family?

What if people are looking for you? What if this is the opportunity that you've been waiting for?

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About the Instructor

Osayi’s first virtual summit helped to take her from a “nobody knows me” to an everybody wants to interview me. After that first summit she became hooked and addicted because she realized that not only are Virtual Summits Profitable, but they are a great way to get access to hundreds of thousands of people in a very short span of time. She will teach you how she comes up with ideas and implements them successfully in a short span of time.

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What awaits you in the Virtual Summit Camp:

Learn and Plan how you will make money from your virtual summit

  • Learn the different ways of making money from virtual summits
  • Pick the way that you plan to make money from your virtual summit
  • Decide on the purpose of your summit
  • Decide on the time frame for your summit
  • Get an idea of what a virtual summit is and how it can benefit you

Decide on your MoneyMaking Topic for your Virtual Summit

  • Learn how to find the right topic for your summit
  • Learn about what people are willing to pay for
  • Discover how to marry your passion with what people are willing to pay for
  • Learn how to entice people with your virtual summit
  • Learn the tricks for building the right kind of virtual summit

Discover how to get the right Speakers for your Virtual Summit

  • Understand what speakers are looking for
  • Learn how to craft your invitation in such a way that they are enticed
  • Learn how to connect with and get guest speakers to say "YES"
  • Learn how to know if this is the kind of speaker that you want for your summit
  • Discover why speakers will be interested in working with you.

Choose the right MoneyMaking Tools and Platforms for your Virtual Summit

  • Learn about the top tools you can use for FREE
  • Learn about affordable tools and platforms that can help you look professional
  • Get easy step by step instructions on how to use these platforms
  • Learn which tools are essential, and which tools you can live without
  • Discover how to use these tools and platforms in a simple and effective way

Create your MoneyMaking Team that will make the whole process more enjoyable

  • Understand the different roles and expectations for success
  • Learn how to get help through volunteers
  • Learn how to manage the different roles efficiently by yourself
  • Learn the responsibilities for the different team members
  • Learn how to get all the team members to be on one accord
  • Learn tools to manage the team effort

Discover MoneyMaking marketing tips for success

  • Learn from the Mistakes others have made
  • Learn different ways to market your virtual summit
  • Learn why marketing is your main responsibility
  • Learn how to ask people to help you to market your summit
  • Discover secrets from successful Virtual Summits

What People are Saying

...and what we hope you will say soon

  • I thought I was a Tech Head until I met Osayi I don't know how she does it, she has a tool for everything you need to make your online business thrive. The best part is that they are usually affordable and easy to use. I always look forward to our conversations because she is a value adder. She is also a great teacher. OSAYIIIIIII!!! My Personal Tech Ninja!
    Remi OwadokunTMP Academy
      Remi Owadokun
  • I speak a whole lot and got to know Osayi as I started navigating the murky and unclear world of technology. I did not really know how to navigate nor what to navigate. In fact, as far as I was concerned, it was not going to happen. Someone else had to do it. And then Osayi said she had a Podcast showl. I said, "What?" Like which woman is able to navigate and make sense of technology. Then she offered to help me out and oh boy, did she do so. She showed me step by step what to do, how to do and even created sheet for me to follow It was a dawdle. Easy peasy. Do what Osayi tells you. She knows what she is doing.
    Kemi OyesolaHow2Think
      Kemi Oyesola
  • I consider myself a bit of a nerd but there are times when the tech gets weird and just refuses to cooperate. It's at those time that you get a clear appreciation for what Osayi brings to the table. Osayi has a gift for simplifying the most complex tech issues and making it easy to understand. She's incredibly patient and very supportive. I gladly recommend that if you have challenges with setting up the tech side of your online to Osayi Lasisi. Thank me later.
    Victor Ekpo BasseyHighly Paid Experts Network
      Victor Ekpo Bassey
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